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Understanding Documents: Policy Schedule

Although it's not a regular activity, getting insurance is undoubtedly something we all must do at some point. Whether you are arranging travel, home or car insurance, you will face the daunting task of reading and interpreting every detail of a Policy Wording, Certificate of Insurance or Insurance Product Information Document. Our policies are designed with over 20 years' experience in the travel insurance industry, so we understand the importance of purchasing the right cover for you, your medical conditions and your holiday. If you're spending money on an insurance policy designed to protect you in the event of a medical emergency, you need to understand the extent of the cover you've purchased.


What is a Policy Schedule?


Your OK To Travel insurance Policy Schedule, sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Insurance, is a document that provides specific details about the travel insurance policy you've purchased. It serves as a summary of the policy, outlining essential information such as the policy period, premium paid, area of cover and policy type. The schedule is designed to help policyholders access key elements of their insurance coverage at a glance.


What can I expect to find on my Policy Schedule?


If you've purchased a travel insurance policy with OK To Travel, your Policy Schedule will include the following information:



  • Important Contacts - We prioritise emergency contacts. If you are travelling and need emergency medical assistance, you'll find the assistance number at the very top of your Policy Schedule.
  • Policyholder's Information - The name of each insured traveller on your policy is shown here along with their date of birth and whether medical conditions have been disclosed.
  • Premium Paid - The total amount paid for your travel insurance policy, inclusive of insurance premium tax at 20%. This premium includes any policy add-ons, such as Cruise Cover or Winter Sports.
  • Policy Summary - A complete overview of your policy including your policy number, purchase date, policy type (Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip), the geographical area of cover, the cover period and lastly, the insurer.
  • Optional Cover - If you have selected a policy add-on such as Cruise Cover, Winter Sports or Golf Cover, it will be detailed here along with the additional premium paid.
  • Policy Notes - Did you arrange cover with our contact centre team? If so, we may have added a note or reminder to your policy such as an exclusion to cover or key information about your disclosed medical conditions.
  • Terms and Conditions - On the reverse of your Policy Schedule, we've added some important information about the policy. This includes the policy demands and needs statement, cancellation terms and details of our medical declaration questions.



If you need any further help understanding your travel insurance documents, or have any questions about the cover provided, our team of experienced, knowledgeable and medically aware agents are available Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm on 01223 446 920