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Bowel Cancer Travel Insurance

Medical travel insurance for people with bowel cancer or a previous bowel cancer diagnosis

Travel insurance for people with bowel cancer


Getting travel insurance for bowel cancer can be quite difficult, even if you’re in remission. At OK To Travel, we endeavour to make this process much easier for you. We understand that no two cancers are the same, which is why we use a medical screening system to best capture your individual circumstances. Whether you’ve had chemotherapy, surgery, or other treatment, we will work with you to find a suitable travel insurance policy for your colon cancer.


Even if your cancer is in remission, it is important that you declare your cancer, to ensure that you are fully covered for anything directly or indirectly related to your rectal cancer. Needing emergency medical treatment whilst abroad can be stressful, especially as you are far away from home. If you have fully declared your bowel cancer and any other medical conditions, you can feel reassured that you won’t be stuck with a large medical bill.

Our travel insurance products


Choose from four levels of cover and only pay for the cover you really need. All cover benefits are per person insured on the policy and subject to the applicable policy excess.



We have four levels of cover which can provide up to:

£5,000 Cancellation


Cancellation cover up to £5,000 per insured to recoup costs of unused travel and accommodation.

£10M Medical Expenses


Cover up to £10,000,000 per insured if you require emergency medical treatment or repatriation.

£3,000 Baggage


Cover if your personal possessions are lost, stolen or damaged up to £3,000. 

COVID-19 Cover


A range of COVID-19 specific cover benefits including cancellation, denied boarding and medical expenses abroad.

£500 Missed Departure


Cover for travel and accommodation expenses required to reach your booked destination if you miss your departure.

£50 Policy Excess


Policy excess as low as £50 on our Premier Plus level of cover.

Bowel cancer travel insurance at a fair price


Our prices are based on your current state of health at the time of purchasing the policy, so we use a screening system created by medical travel insurance experts to ask all the relevant questions about your bowel cancer. That way, we can find the most suitable cover for your medical circumstances. You can get a quote online, or speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable, contact centre staff who will help you find a great travel insurance policy.

Specialist medical travel insurance to cover all types of cancer

Bowel cancer travel insurance frequently asked questions

Can I get annual travel insurance if I have had bowel cancer?

Potentially. This would depend on a variety of factors such as area of travel, age, and, most importantly, your medical screening. We will always try our best to provide a travel insurance policy most suitable for your needs, but we can be much more flexible when looking at single trip cover.

My bowel cancer is in remission. Do I need to declare this?
When should I start my policy?