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Cancer Travel Insurance

Specialist medical travel insurance designed for people with cancer conditions

Travel insurance for people with cancer


OK To Travel cancer travel insurance policies are designed to fit around a customer's medical conditions rather than having a "one size fits all" approach. We understand that all cases are different, and it would be unfair to treat all cancer patients the same when quoting travel insurance prices. We calculate our premiums based on specific types of cancer, your current treatment plan, and of course where and when you are travelling.


What cancer holiday insurance covers


Our insurance is designed to give you protection on holiday and should cancer be the reason you have to cancel, receive unplanned hospital treatment or be repatriated back to the UK, you will be able to claim against unforeseen problems (subject to policy terms and conditions). We provide 24-hour emergency medical assistance, so no matter where you are, help is never far away.


We include the following sections in our insurance cover:


  • Cancellation & Curtailment
  • Medical Expenses
  • Personal Belongings
  • Personal Accident
  • Personal Liability
  • Loss of Medication


View our benefits page to find out more about the cover provided.

Our travel insurance products


Choose from four levels of cover and only pay for the cover you really need. All cover benefits are per person insured on the policy and subject to the applicable policy excess.



We have four levels of cover which can provide up to:

£5,000 Cancellation


Cancellation cover up to £5,000 per insured to recoup costs of unused travel and accommodation.

£10M Medical Expenses


Cover up to £10,000,000 per insured if you require emergency medical treatment or repatriation.

£3,000 Baggage


Cover if your personal possessions are lost, stolen or damaged up to £3,000. 

COVID-19 Cover


A range of COVID-19 specific cover benefits including cancellation, denied boarding and medical expenses abroad.

£500 Missed Departure


Cover for travel and accommodation expenses required to reach your booked destination if you miss your departure.

£50 Policy Excess


Policy excess as low as £50 on our Premier Plus level of cover.

Travel insurance with pre-existing cancer conditions


Our online facility is designed to give you a quick quote. You will need to answer a few questions using our built-in medical screening system. This will be where you declare the type of cancer you have and outline your treatment plan. We may be able to provide cover for different types of cancer that include conditions such as breast cancer, bowel cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer.


If you have secondary cancer, please submit the name of your primary cancer first. You will then be asked if this cancer has spread. Answering 'Yes' will take this into account.


The medical screening considers how the cancer has been treated together with any on-going treatment. If you are receiving active treatment for your cancer, especially chemotherapy, it may affect your immune system making you more prone to infections which would be reflected in the premium. If you're coming to the end of your treatment plan, it may be advisable to finish treatment before purchasing travel insurance, which could result in a lower insurance premium.


We understand that a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan can be complex and you may be uncertain when answering medical questions. If you would rather speak to us, give us a call on 01223 446 920. We have a professional team of medically informed agents who can help arrange a policy that suits your needs.


Don’t forget your travelling companions! They can receive the same benefits as you if they are on the same OK To Travel policy, meaning if your existing cancer causes you to cancel or cut short your trip, your travelling companions will be covered too.

Cancer travel insurance designed with more than 20 years experience

Cancer travel insurance frequently asked questions

Do I still need specialist cover if I'm in remission?

Medical declarations will vary from insurer to insurer. The OK To Travel policy accounts for cancerous conditions on a lifetime basis, so we'll still need to know about your cancer and this should be declared on your insurance quote. However, if you have been cancer free for some years and have not received any medication or treatment, your insurance premium will reflect this. By declaring your previous cancer condition, you'll be protected if you were to have any complications related directly or indirectly to the previous diagnosis.

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