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Diabetes Travel Insurance

Specialist medical travel insurance designed for people with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes

Diabetic travel and holiday insurance


Arranging travel insurance for people with Diabetes is easy with OK To Travel. We offer cover for diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2, taking into consideration any associated medical conditions you may have been diagnosed with. Our diabetic travel insurance policies are designed to meet the needs of your travelling companions too, if you are insured together on the same OK To Travel policy this means that your companions will receive the same benefits and quality cover as you.


Why cover diabetes?


Many travel insurance schemes exclude cover for existing medical conditions and the low prices offered can be tempting. However, buying a policy that includes cover for your diabetes may be the very best way to ensure you’re protected from having to pay out for expensive medical bills abroad should your diabetes cause you any problems. OK To Travel offer competitive and fair rates for people travelling with diabetes and our quotes reflect the level of cover required to meet individual needs.


Applying for diabetes travel insurance


Diabetes affects people of all ages and we aim to insure children with diabetes as well as adults. We don’t have an age limit on our single trip policies up to 3 months or our annual multi-trip insurance and providing you’re a UK resident, you're eligible to apply for an OK To Travel policy (children under the age of 18 must be insured with an adult).


You can apply online using our quick quoting system by clicking 'Get Online Quote'. Alternatively, we have a professional team of medically informed agents ready to take your call on 01223 446 920. In order for us to provide you with a diabetes travel insurance quote, we ask you to provide us with your travel details and complete a brief medical screening, answering a few simple questions specific to your pre-existing medical conditions.

Our travel insurance products


Choose from four levels of cover and only pay for the cover you really need. All cover benefits are per person insured on the policy and subject to the applicable policy excess.



We have four levels of cover which can provide up to:

£5,000 Cancellation


Cancellation cover up to £5,000 per insured to recoup costs of unused travel and accommodation.

£10M Medical Expenses


Cover up to £10,000,000 per insured if you require emergency medical treatment or repatriation.

£3,000 Baggage


Cover if your personal possessions are lost, stolen or damaged up to £3,000. 

COVID-19 Cover


A range of COVID-19 specific cover benefits including cancellation, denied boarding and medical expenses abroad.

£500 Missed Departure


Cover for travel and accommodation expenses required to reach your booked destination if you miss your departure.

£50 Policy Excess


Policy excess as low as £50 on our Premier Plus level of cover.

Travel insurance for diabetes complications


When obtaining a quote for diabetes travel insurance it is important to also declare any associated conditions that you have also been diagnosed with such as impairment of kidney function, stroke, TIA (mini stroke) or heart conditions. Our quote system will provide you with an opportunity to declare these and any other conditions at the same time as your diabetes and if you haven’t been diagnosed with any related disorders we will still cover them if they were to occur during your holiday provided you declare your diabetes. Medical conditions which could be related to diabetes range from retinal (eye) or nerve damage to leg or foot ulcers, peripheral vascular disease or amputation of leg foot or toe as a result of diabetes.


Our Standard, Premier, Premier Extra and Premier Plus cover options provide different cover limits to suit you and your holiday, and as long as you have declared your diabetes and pre-existing medical conditions, cover for them will be included within the cover limits detailed. Find out more about our policy cover by viewing our policy wording.


All our diabetic travel insurance policies provide 24 hour medical assistance and cover for your medication should it become lost or stolen. If you haven’t booked your holiday through a ABTA or ATOL registered travel agent or tour operator and would like to be protected against scheduled airline failure, this benefit is included across all OK To Travel policies.

24 hour emergency medical assistance with all single and annual multi-trip travel insurance policies

Diabetes frequently asked questions

Do I need to declare my cholesterol medication?

We're very experienced handling medical travel insurance and understand that many people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes are also prescribed precautionary blood pressure and cholesterol medication. It's important to declare these as medical conditions in additional to your diabetes to ensure you are fully protected in the event of a medical claim. 

My diabetes is diet controlled, does this need to be included in my screening?
Who is eligible to purchase cover with OK To Travel?