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Cruise Travel Insurance

Add our cruise extension to your medical travel insurance to gain specialist cruise benefits

Medical travel insurance for cruises


OK To Travel policies include cover for cruising as standard. However, if you require additional cruise cover, you'll need to add this during the quote journey. The benefits of our optional cruise cover include cabin confinement, missed port departure and cruise interruption. Optional cruise cover can only be applied to annual multi-trip policies or single trips up to 31 days in duration.


As cruise cover is an extension of our standard policies, you'll have the luxury of our usual cover limits such as emergency medical expenses, personal property and missed departure with the added bonus of cruise specific policy benefits; including but not limited to cabin confinement, cruise interruption, unused cruise excursions and missed port departure. 


We take into consideration the area of the world you are travelling to, how long you are going for and your pre-existing medical conditions (providing you declare them!) so you have the right cover for you and your holiday. Our policies also include access to a 24 hour medical emergency line so rest assured, help is never far away.

Our travel insurance products


Choose from four levels of cover and only pay for the cover you really need. All cover benefits are per person insured on the policy and subject to the applicable policy excess.



We have four levels of cover which can provide up to:

£5,000 Cancellation


Cancellation cover up to £5,000 per insured to recoup costs of unused travel and accommodation.

£10M Medical Expenses


Cover up to £10,000,000 per insured if you require emergency medical treatment or repatriation.

£3,000 Baggage


Cover if your personal possessions are lost, stolen or damaged up to £3,000. 

COVID-19 Cover


A range of COVID-19 specific cover benefits including cancellation, denied boarding and medical expenses abroad.

£500 Missed Departure


Cover for travel and accommodation expenses required to reach your booked destination if you miss your departure.

£50 Policy Excess


Policy excess as low as £50 on our Premier Plus level of cover.

Cruise insurance for Europe and worldwide


Having cruise cover that includes your pre-existing medical conditions means you will be insured should you have to receive any emergency medical treatment on holiday, and if you opt for our Premier, Premier Extra or Premier Plus cover, you will also be covered for cancellation should your medical conditions cause any complications before your departure date.


We give you the choice of four different insurance packages with varying cover limits, allowing to you select the one most appropriate for your travel plans and only pay for the cover you really need. Premier, Premier Extra and Premier Plus all offer cancellation cover if you have an unforeseen change to your health before travel and emergency medical expenses are covered up to £10 million on all OK To Travel policies. See our benefits page for more information.


If you require cancellation cover beyond £5,000 per person, please contact us on 01223 446 920 to explore alternative policies.


Once you have booked your cruise, it’s a good idea to get your travel insurance in place. The cancellation benefit of our Premier, Premier Extra and Premier Plus cover kicks in from the moment you buy insurance, so the sooner you go on cover, the sooner your money is protected. However, if you are booking a last minute holiday or quick break, provided you haven’t left the UK, our online quote and buy facility is ideal for getting last minute cover. If you’re buying single trip travel insurance close to the time of your departure, you may feel cancellation cover is of no benefit, and if so, our ‘Standard’ cover option, which excludes cover for cancellation, may meet your needs and reduce your premium.

Cruise travel insurance designed by medical travel insurance experts

Cruise travel insurance frequently asked questions

What cover is included in the cruise extension?

By adding the cruise extension to your policy, you'll gain cruise specific cover benefits in addition to our usual insurance packages. These benefits include but are not limited to cabin confinement, missed port departure and unused cruise excursion cover. Please see our policy wording for details of cover limits.

What is your maximum trip duration for cruises?
Do you cover cancellation above £5,000?